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Documentation for

Healthcare Professionals


We want to make the process of providing patient care between our pracitioners and our referral resources flawless. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


The new standard for documentation began in August 2011 with this "Dear Physician Letter" distributed by Medicare.


The links for orthotics and prosthetics under the "Documentation for Healthcare Professionals" will provide you with the specific forms for the item/s prescribed. These documents are specific to what is required in the prescribing physician chart notes. With increasing frequency insurance companies require clinical chart notes to document every point on the list to determine medical justification and objective descriptions for the device ordered.


Utilizing these lists will accelerate the process for everyone involved and our licensed professionals will be able to assist the patient with the attentiveness they deserve.


If you would like us to mail you a documentation infomational packet, please fill out this form.