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Prosthetic & Orthotic Services, Walla Walla, WA

Phone: 509-525-8322       Fax: 509-525-2982


Common Questions & Answers

Question: What are orthotics and prosthetics?

Answer: An orthotic is a support or brace used to support, align, prevent, or correct the function of movable parts of the body.

A prosthetic is an artificial limb. Often confused, they are two entirely different devices.


Question: Do I need a prescription?

Answer: Yes, we require a prescription from a physician, ARNP, or PA for everything we do. Our practitioners are specially trained, licensed, certified, and complete continuing education courses yearly to provide the best service. We work closely with our providers to ensure the patient is receiving the correct item for their diagnosis.


Question: Do you accept and bill insurance?

Answer: Yes, we are contracted with many insurance companies including Medicare, L&I, worker's comp, and Washington and Oregon Medicaid. When in doubt, you can contact your insurance representative or call the toll-free number on the back of your card if you have benefit questions.


Question: What will my insurance cover?

Answer: That is a multifaceted question. Generally insurance companies cover orthotics and prosthetics; however, most insurance companies require authorization. We will not know for sure what your benefits are until we evaluate you. We will always let you know ahead of time what your out of pocket payment will be (if any). You can call the number listed on the back of your card with any insurance questions regarding coverage.


Question: How do I schedule an appointment?

Answer: We work by scheduled appointment only. You can find our contact information here to schedule via e-mail or phone.